The Whyalla & Districts 4WD Club

The Whyalla & Districts 4WD Club members take great pride in its history and past achievements, the way in which the club is run, and the way it presents itself to the community as a whole.

Club Trips
The type of trips run by the club and its members are; from Day to Extended Trips (single day - two, three, four days to 2 to 4 week extended trips, plus social events such as the; Christmas party, annual dinner, slide & film nights, wine & cheese evenings and camp cookouts etc).

Club meetings are held monthly, with occasional guest speakers and related topics. Meetings are informative on club issues and are run in light-hearted business like manner, they also provide social contact with both old and new members on a regular basis. Visitors and those interested in becoming members are most welcome to attend and can join by completing a Membership Form.

The Committee is made up of a group of very dedicated people who use a lot of their private time and money (either in lost wages or actual expenses) for the good of the club. These volunteers run the club in a very professional manner and their efforts are appreciated for the great job they do and we are very grateful for their efforts. The committee as a whole makes decisions about the management of the club. Matters of great importance are taken beyond the committee and voted on by the membership.

Driver Training
The club offers free driver training upon club membership. This driver training is run by experienced club members.

Members Learn about vehicle and equipment and what to take on club trips, this covers everything from vehicle accessories, camping gear, food and cooking gear, recovery gear, spares and tools, first aid kit, radio and communication techniques, how to pack their vehicle correctly and safely, vehicle awareness, their vehicles ability and their own capabilities.

Members are made aware of the need to liase and negotiate with landowners and government departments when seeking access to tracks and areas when planning a trip (permission and permits are always sought before any trip is run on private, public, or Aboriginal lands). When on these lands or travelling in such areas members do not take firearms or pets. Members always leave gates as they find them and respect landowners wishes and signposting.

Members never make their own tracks, they always stick to existing tracks. Members only take pictures of the areas they visit paying respect to the traditional owners wishes whilst traversing their lands.

Club trips are always researched and well planned in advance. Club trips can involve bush camping (sometimes in remote areas). Members are always self sufficient (water, food, maps, navigational aids, radio, recovery equipment, spares etc). From day trips to weekend trips to remote camping areas, National & State Parks and reserves; touring with a 4wd club provides companionship, safety, and great fun. View our Events Calendar to see what events and trips are being planned in the coming months.

Clubs are very friendly and welcome new members. Its not expensive just a few dollars per year for the whole family. You will learn about everything to do with your 4wd plus all the wondeful places you can visit.

We visit areas not accessible to conventional vehicles, along with bush camping. Bush cooking is the norm from the traditional campfire to gas. From sandwiches to camp-oven cooking this depends on the type of trip being run, the area being visited and the weather which may have some bearing on the type of food taken, not to mention individual tastes.

All 4WD Club Members share a love for the unique beauty that this country offers. Members mutual interests play an important role in promoting this family oriented recreational pastime.

The Club teaches the principals associated with the responsible use of recreational vehicles in the bush. With the ownership of a recreational vehicle comes the responsibility to use them properly and correctly, to respect and care for the environment that they will come into contact with during that period of 4wd vehicle ownership.

Membership is open to all makes and models of 4wd vehicles.

Club Trips cater for all age groups. On Club Trips experience is gained in vehicle capabilities and personal driving skills. Members get to see a wide and varied range of flora & fauna in different seasons, experience discussions, stories and yarns around the campfire and be involved in games and quizzes for kids and adults.

The Club and its members will fight to protect their right of access on public and private land.

The Club is a member of Four Wheel Drive South Australia (FWDSA).

Special Events, past, present and in the future, are supported by club members. The Club maintains the Buckleboo Stock route within the Pinkawillinie Conservation Park.

The RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) is supported and appreciated by the club. Members appreciate the vital role the service plays, especially when clubs such as ours are visiting remote areas of the Outback. The Club makes an annual donation to the RFDS.

By joining a 4wd club, you will discover a great social life and it is a really great family recreation. Its not bush bashing. Your vehicle has to get you to your destination and return you home safely. It has to last you quite a number of years, after all 4WD vehicles cost too much these days.

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