The Whyalla & Districts 4WD Club

How You can Contribute

Members can contribute to this website in a number of ways.

Email me the pictures. PNG or JPEG format is preferred, and GIF for the smaller ones. Please keep file sizes less than 50k. I will resize images greater than 300 px wide. I need heaps of photos, and hope to rotate, or randomly display them to keep the website looking 'fresh'.

Bookmarks and Links:
We need someone (who knows where all the good 4WD web pages are) to take ownership of the web-page links page.

Articles, Trip Reports, Product Information:
The website is not in competition wih the Club's magazine. This sort of content should be submitted for publication in the magazine. In general, this sort of thing will only be taken from previously published magazines.

Articles should be in plain text format.
If you create the article in Microsoft Word or similar use the "save as..." command to save it as a text file (See diagram below). If you don't then you are relying on me to be able to read your file and convert it.
Or Try This:
Compile your own page(s), complete with articles, piccies, whatever. There are no problems extending the site to accomodate members contribitions of this sort. Note that a number of members have already done just that: here is a short list of some of them.

(Dont know how to create an .html file? Duzzenmadder. Just send me the text and images and I will create it for you.

Select Plain Text (*.txt) or similar *txt. format