The Whyalla & Districts 4WD Club

Club Trips

(Trips current at, or registered since June2003. Where available, details for upcoming trips and events are available here)
Note that not all events are listed here, as these are not normally registered with TC.
TripNo When Where
E03-10-164WD Weekend In Whyalla
E02-10-164WD Weekend In Whyalla
E01-10-164WD Weekend In Whyalla
E30-09-164WD Weekend In Whyalla
T29-07-16Canning Stock Route Trip Starts
T23-04-16Coffin Bay Trip
T23-04-16Gawler Ranges Trip
T09-04-16Argadells Trip
T27-12-15Victorian High Country
E11-12-15Christmas Party
E28-11-15Christmas Pageant
T2-5/10/2015Octoberfest - Wilangi
T25-27/09/2015Frances Annual Family 4WD Day
T3-5/07/2015Camel Cup - Marree
T20/06-03/07/2015Simpson Desert Trip
T6-8/6/2015Buckleboo Stock Route
T27-12-14Start of Riverland Trip
E18-10-14Pride in the Park
E4-6/10/14Weekend in Whyalla WW8
T5-8/7/14Sheringa Beach Trip
T24-27/4/14Coffin Bay
T18-21/4/14Buckleboo Stock Route
E12-10-13Whyalla Pride Week
T5-7/10/13Peterborough Octoberfest
12-w14-t1E16-06-13Whyalla Male Out Day
T8-10/6/2013Cooyerdoo Cookout
12-w10-t1T25-28/4/2013Wilmington Trip- Stony Creek Camp
T29/03-1/04/20134WD Action Birdsville Bash
T26-28/1/2013Cowell Trip
T1-5/1/2013Victorian High Country Trip
T27-31/12/2012Victorian High Country Trip
E01-12-124WD Club Christmas Party
E24-11-12Xmas Pageant
11-w37-t1E29/9-1/10/2012Weekend in Whyalla 7
T01-09-12WW7 Plank Point Recce
E11-08-12GPS Fun Night
T28-07-12WW7 Myola Recce
T30-06-12WW7 Middlecamp Recce
E22-06-12Social Dinner - North Footy Club
E17-06-12Whyalla Male-Out-Day
T16-06-12WW7 Cooks North Recce
T9-11/6/2012Cooyerdoo Cookout - June Long Weekend
T02-06-12WW7 Corunna Downs Recce
E26-05-12GPS Night Nav (Posponed due to weather)
E25-05-12Social Dinner - Centrals Football Club
E20-05-12Training Day - GPS Training
11-w11-t1E27-04-12Social Dinner - Yacht Club 6PM
T6-9/04/2012Muloorina (Marree Area) Easter Trip
T23-25/03/2012-FWDSA AGM 2012 Strathalbyn
-Social Dinner Westies 6PM
T10-12/03/2012Hawker (Merna Mora) Long Weekend Trip
E24-02-12Social Dinner - Whyalla Town Bowls Club
E26-11-12Whyalla Pageant
E25-11-12Croquette & Pizza Night
T20-11-11Training Day - Port Gibbon Sand Driving
E22-10-11Whyalla Pride Week Display
T1-3/10/20114WD Octoberfest Peterborough
T10-11/9/2011Cooyerdoo Camp Cook out
T04-09-11Argadells Day Trip
T26-28/8/11Wilmington Stony Creek Bush Camp
10-w23-t1T07-08-11Arden Hills Day Trip
10-w16-t1T16-17/7/2011Stony Creek Bush Camp Wilmington
T11-13/6/2011Buckleboo Stock Route
T26-06-11Lake Giles Day Trip
T29-05-11Camel Hill Day Trip
T28-05-11Recce Camel Hill
E22-05-11Club Open Day
T22-04-11Easter Buckleboo Stock Route Trip
E02-04-11Social Dinner Table Tennis Clubrooms
T27-03-11Plank Point Day Trip
T12-14/3/11Coober Pedy Trip
E04-03-11Social Dinner
E28-01-11Social Dinner
E11-12-10W&D4WD Club Christmas Party
E27-11-10Christmas Pageant
E2-4-Oct-10Weekend in Whyalla 6
E25-09-10WW6 Recce - Corunna Downs
T19-09-10WW6 Recce - Middlecamp
T12-09-10WW6 Recce - Cooks North
T22-08-10WW6 Recce - Myola
T12-14 June-10Queen's Birthday Weekend - Beltana Trip
T24-26 Apr-10Anzac Weekend - Muloorina Trip
T24-26 Apr-10Anzac Weekend - Port Neill Fishing Trip
T18-04-10Training Day
T15-04-10General Meeting
T2-5 Apr-10Easter - Elliston Trip
E26-03-10Social Dinner
T26-01-10Australia Day - Douglas Point Half Day Trip
E04-12-094WD Club Christmas Party
E28-11-09Whyalla Christmas Pageant
07-w12-t1T17-10-09Gawler Ranges
T03-10-09Willow Springs Trip
T19-09-09Cooyerdoo Cook Out
E18-09-09Social Dinner
07-w06-t1T13-09-09Flinder Ranges Day Trip
07-w04-t1E28-08-09Social Dinner
E15-08-09Whyalla Show 4WD Track
T06-06-09Beltana Station
06-w41-t2T16-May-09 8 weeksCape York Penninsula
T10-13-April-09Lake Eyre
E27-03-09Social Dinner
06-w34-t1E15-03-09Clean Up Australia Day
T7-9-Mar-09Buckleboo/Lake Gairder/Gawler Ranges
E27-02-09Social Dinner
06-w28-t1T25-26-Oct-08Beltana Station
E4-6-Oct-084WD Weekend in Whyalla 5
T20-21-Sept-08Cooyerdoo Cookout
E16-17-Aug-08Whyalla Show Track
06-w24-t1T18-05-08Come and Try Day Mt Laura
T11-05-08Argadells Day Trip
T13-04-08Tregalana Station Day Trip
06-w23-t1T21-24-Mar-08Loveday 4x4 Park
06-w21-t1T26-28 -Mar-08Burra
T30-03-07Social Dinner - Centrals
06-w20-t1T25-03-07Come and Try Day
06-w19-t2E18-03-07Clean up Aust. Day
06-w19-t1E15 Mar 2007 (Thursday)General Meeting
T04-03-07Bridle Track Day Trip
E02-03-07Social Dinner - Bowling Club
T11-02-07Hawker Day Trip
06-w11-t1T26-28 Jan 2007Coffin Bay
06-w10-t1T27 Dec - 6 Jan 2007Xmas trip to Robe
E12-11-06Come and Try Day - Mt Laura
T05-11-06Port Gibbon with E.P. Club
E03-11-06Social Dinner - Yacht Club
T27/28/29 Oct 2006Bosworth Station via Woomera
E30 Sep - 2 Oct 20064WD Weekend in Whyalla IV
05-w39-t1T17-09-06WW4 Recce - Corunna Downs
E17-09-06Mt Laura Circuit Working Bee
T10-09-06WW4 Recce - Fitzgerald Bay
05-w36-t1T03-09-06WW4 Recce - Mattum Creek
05-w35-t1E19-20 August 2006Whyalla Show
E13-08-06Show Track Erection
T06-08-06WW4 Recce -Corunna Downs
T30-07-06Day Trip to Pt Lincoln NP
P23 July - 30 Sep 2006Darwin - Perth
05-w27-t1T09-07-06WW4 Recce - Corunna Downs
P8-22 July 2006Coober Pedy to Kalgoorlie via Ann Beadell Hwy
05-w26-t1E07-07-06Social Dinner
T10-12 June 2006Goog's Track
T25-06-06WW4 Recce - Tregalana
05-w19-t1E02-06-06Social Dinner
T21-05-06Day Trip - Horseshoe Ranges
05-w16-t1T12-14 May-06Outback Challenge
E05-05-06Social Dinner - Yacht Club
05-w12-t1T14-17 April 2006Easter Trip to Innamincka
05-w10-t1T11-13 Mar-06Broken Hill and Surrounds
E05-03-06Cleanup Australia Day
T26-29 Jan-06Quorn Area Trails
T27-Dec - 8-Jan 06Victorian High Country
05-w04-t1E03-12-05Family Christmas Function
04-w49-t1T05-11-05Get Away from the Boys
04-w43-t1T30-10-05Day Trip to Arkapena (Rawnsley Park)
04-w39-t1E1-3 Oct-054WD Weekend-in-Whyalla III
04-w37-t1T18-09-05Plank Point
04-w34-t2E10-11 Sep-05Cooyerdoo Cookout
T3-4 Sep-05Gawler Ranges
04-w32-t1E20-21 Aug-05Whyalla Show
04-w27-t2E14-08-05Show Track Erection
04-w24-t1E12-08-05Social Dinner
T9-17 Jul-05Simpson Desert
T2-3 Jul-05Buckleboo Stock Route
04-w15-t2T11-13 Jun-05 (Queen's Birthday)Glendambo Outback Endurance and Field Day
04-w11-t2E20-05-05Social Dinner
04-w10-t1T13-21 May-05ARB Warn Outback Challenge 2005
04-w09-t1T23-25 Apr-05 (ANZAC weekend)Painted Desert
04-w06-t1T23-24 Apr-05Beltana Races / Outback Ball
04-w04-t1E10-04-05Boots and Bonnets Day
03-w48-t1P25-28 Mar-05 (Easter)Blinman
03-w45-t1T25-28 Mar-05 (Easter)Warrawena
T18-20 Mar-05Skytrek/Rawnsley Park
T13-03-05Port Gibbon
03-w29-t1E06-03-05Cleanup Australia Day
E18-Feb-05 (Friday)Social Evening at the Yacht Club
T26-Jan-05 (Wednesday)Lincoln National Park
T27-28 Dec-04Victoria / NSW High Country
T19-12-04Tregalana Station
E28-11-04Kids Xmas Party
E05-11-04Social Dinner
P23-Oct - 14-Nov-04Innamincka
E2-4 Oct-044WD Weekend in Whyalla 2
P30-09-04Secret Rocks
P19-09-04The Canyon & Wild Dog Hill
E10-09-04Social Dinner
P05-09-04Camel Hill & Secret Rocks
E21-22 Aug-04Whyalla Show
P1-21 Aug-04Frazer Island and Simpson Desert
P01-07-04Simpson Desert
E12-14 Jun-04Glendambo Outback 4X4 Challenge
T12-14 Jun-04Gawler Ranges NP
T6-Jun - 30-Jul 04Cape York Penninsula
P04-JunSimpson Desert
E21-05-04Annual Dinner
E30-05-04Training - MAPNAV
T23-26 Apr-04 (ANZAC)Birdsville
T9-12 Apr-04 (Easter)Googs Track to Glendambo & return via lake Gairdner
P9-12 Apr-04 (Easter)Buckleboo
E12-14 Mar-04Magical Murray Muster
E07-03-04Cleanup Australia Day
P04-MarLake Gairdner
T29-02-04Murninnie to Cowell
E22-02-04Spear Creek Training Day
E04-FebWhyalla Motor Show
E26-01-04Australia Day Display
T24-26 Jan-04Yorke Penninsula & Innes NP
E23-11-03Port Gibbon (Training Day)
T4-6 Oct-03Bendleby & Hungry Ranges
E23-24 Aug-034WD Weekend in Whyalla
P03-JulCanning Stock Route
P03-MayNorthern Territory
P03-JunCanning Stock Route